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Our Mission

We flourish when we are connected to God and one another. Connect is a relational initiative that provides coaching, care, and resources for the flourishing of our pastors, leaders, and churches within the CGN family of churches – working together to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.

About CGN

We are a family of churches working together to proclaim the Gospel, make diciples, and plant churches.

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Regional in-person and online Connect gatherings
Purpose: To encourage, equip, and engage leaders as we foster healthy relationships that promote and maintain healthy community.

Confidential care and counseling
Available to those seeking someone to walk with them through the trials and challenges of ministry or to provide coaching and mentoring with the practical nuts and bolts issues of church leadership:

Additional resources include:

Ted Leavenworth

Ted Leavenworth is the founding and senior pastor of Reliance Church in Temecula, California, and has been in Christian service for over 30 years. A graduate of the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry, Pastor Ted has a heart for church planting - leading two church plants in Southern California and facilitating the establishment of seven others both nationally and internationally. Ted serves on the Executive Committee of Calvary Global Network where he focuses on leadership coaching and pastoral mentoring. Additionally, Pastor Ted co-hosts the Leadership Collective Podcast, focusing on the "nuts & bolts" of church leadership. Pastor Ted and his wife Brenda were married in 1985, and together they have three adult children and ten grandchildren.

Conor Berry

Conor Berry is the lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Santa Maria in Santa Maria, California and has been serving Jesus for 20 years in missions work, church planting, and pastoral ministry. His heart is towards the encouragement of pastors who desire spiritual and emotional health through the ministry of the Holy Spirit - strengthening weak hands and making firm feeble knees (Isaiah 35:3). Conor is married to Hannah and together they have four children - Fae, Flint, Dane, and Flint. When Conor isn't at CC. he is either honing bushcraft skills or searching for the perfect coffee shop.

Brian Bell

Brian Bell has been the senior pastor of Calvary Murrieta in Murrieta, California for 34 years. His missional passion to bring Jesus to the nations has led him to over thirty countries, and he now focuses on two specific unreached people groups. Additionally, Brian and his wife Kelly have also worked fervently to bring justice for women and children who have been exploited in human trafficking.

Jimmy Orate

Jimmy Orate has been a senior pastor for over 40 years, serving as the founding pastor of Transformation Calvary in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He and his wife Janice have been married for 42 years, and have four children, six grandchildren. Pastor Jimmy is a Vietnam combat veteran and gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1979. After his conversion, Jimmy actively began to serve the Lord in ministry and after marrying Janice, he began to teach a home bible study which blossomed into Calvary Chapel of Rancho Cucamonga now known as Transformation Calvary.


Loves God. Therefore, they embody the gospel, which leads to healthy relationships within their family, church, and community.

Knows Christ. Therefore, they view Christ as supreme, are aware of their calling, their own limitations, and what it means to be a servant leader in the present-day culture.

Is Spirit-Filled. Therefore, they are dependent upon God, humble before others, self-controlled, and full of faith.

Responds to the Triune God. Therefore, they create healthy rhythms, pursue Him personally and in prayer, and make disciples in an accountable community.

Engages in ongoing discipleship and mentoring. Therefore, they seek-out the wisdom of others, recognizing that in an abundance of counselors there is safety (Prov. 11:14), success (Prov. 15:22), and victory (Prov. 24:6).


Receives care by having relational access to mentors and counselors who are available to walk with them through the trials and challenges of ministry.

Receives coaching in the practical nuts and bolts issues of ministry, having access to seasoned leaders with years of training and experience.

Receives practical resources for the equipping of themselves and their team.