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Our Mission

The CGN Connect team exists to help our expanding family of churches experience gospel-centered community and care. We are an intentional relational team that wants to support you so that you are connected to God, one another, and the CGN family. Our local and regional connectors engage, encourage, and empower Calvary Chapel, and other evangelical pastors and ministry leaders, to help develop emotionally and spiritually healthy leaders. Our goal is to help you feel connected to supportive community and CGN resources that can help you fulfill your calling.

About CGN

We are a family of churches working together to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.


In-Person Gatherings

Our Local Connector Team members will host in-person gatherings at least twice a year. The gatherings generally include breakfast or lunch and provide time to share a meal, forge relationships, and encourage one another. This is also an opportunity to share resources to help our family be equipped and empowered to be emotionally and spiritually healthy leaders.

Online Gatherings

Online cohorts exist for pastors and leaders who are unable to meet in person, or want to connect, collaborate, and care for one another online as well as in person. These gatherings encourage and edify participants to advance the gospel.

Local Connector Communication

Our Local Connectors will text, call, or email those they support bi-monthly. They will also respond to your communication within 48-72 hours. Local Connectors are available to answer your questions about CGN and assist you in joining our expanding global family.

Brian Brodersen

Brian Brodersen is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He also serves as president of the Calvary Global Network, chancellor of Calvary Chapel Bible College, and co-founder and director of Creation Fest UK. Brian is the featured speaker on the Back to Basics radio program and co-host of the live call-in program Pastors’ Perspective. Brian holds an M.A. in Ministry and Leadership from Wheaton College.

Bruce Zachary

Bruce Zachary is the senior pastor at Calvary Nexus in Camarillo, California. Please visit his website. Bruce is also a church planter, having previously directed the Calvary Church Planting Network, a global church planting initiative. Presently Bruce serves on the Core Team of Cultivate. You can reach Bruce at [email protected]

Brian Kelly

Nick Cady

Tommy Cota

Billy Almaguer

Manolo Matos

Brad Hall

Ed Compton

John Bonner

Jimmy Orate

Ted Leavenworth

Wayne Taylor

Rafael Manzanares

Mike Dente

Sebastien Frappier

Daniel Williams

Dave Sylvester